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Panasonic Hair Dryer EHNA55PN Dual Voltage Travel EH-NA55PN655 With Nanoe Technology EH-NA55

  • Dual Voltage for global use - The voltage can be changed from 100-120 V to 220-240 V by turning the switch. Even on long vacation, you can keep your hair beautiful and moisturized.
  • Balanced airflow to dry fast and beautifully - Dries hair fast with a balance between air strength, air pressure, heat and air volume.
  • Quick-dry Nozzle - Panasonic’s unique Quick-dry Nozzle separates hair strands for fast drying. It takes more than just air volume to dry hair fast. Panasonic’s hair dryers feature an optimum balance between air volume, heat, air pressure and airflow design, for fast yet gentle drying and a beautiful finish.
  • User-friendly ergonomic design -Designed with the user in mind, the dryer is easy to use. The air intake duct has a honeycomb structure for intake efficiency. With a balanced centre of gravity, it is easy to grip and feels light.

Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-NA55PN655 is ergonomic design and powerful. 1400W power that enables you to dry hair quickly and gently. 

Dual voltage for global use. Key Features 1400 W Combining high power with a new airflow design increases the drying performance, which saves more time for you.

Nanoe™ Moisture-rich nanoe™ contains 1,000 times the moisture compared to regular ions, and penetrates the hair to deliver plenty of moisture. 

Giving you moisturised, smooth and shiny hair. Ion charge panel By touching the nanoe™ ion charge panel while gripping the handle, the negative charge that has accumulated in the hair is drawn to the panel and released.

Dual Voltage for global use The Dual voltage can be changed from 100-120V to 220-240V by turning the switch.

Ergonomic design  Designed with the user in mind, the dryer is easy to use. The air intake duct has a honeycomb structure for intake efficiency. 3 mode settings  Choice of 3 modes is Turbo, Set and Cool.


Voltage Dual Voltage (100-120V, 220-240 V)

Body size (WxHxD) 19.2(w/o nozzle) x 21.0 x 8.2mm

Weight 475g (w/o nozzle)

nanoe Yes

nanoe Ion Charge Panel Yes


Quick-dry Nozzle Yes

Foldable Yes

Notes * All values are approximate

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